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Medical Consultation

 EKG Technician (CET)

This course provides an overview of basic cardiovascular terminology, anatomy and physiology. The course focuses on the proper placement of electrocardiogram (EKG) leads and maintenance of equipment to obtain an accurate 12-Lead EKG. Students learn to recognize cardiac dysrhythmias. The course also outlines responsibilities of ECG/EKG Technicians and provides clinical laboratory opportunity to develop entry-level skills. After successful completion of the 8 week course (56 Hours), each student will receive a certificate of completion from PMTC and will be provided with the appropriate application and test schedule to take the national certification exam given by the National Health Career Association, given at PMTC once a month. 

*Must be at least 18 years of age and have a High School Diploma or GED.


*Must have proof of BLS/CPR Certification before Certificate of Completion will be issued.

In - Person Class Option

Tuition: $899.00 Down Payment: $300.00

Weekly Payment Plan: 8 Weekly Payments of $78.00


  • Book $75

  • CPR $70

  • National Exam

Florence Courses

April 30th - June 20th, 2024 5:30PM - 9PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays

May 28th - July 23rd, 2024 9AM - 12:30PM, Tuesdays & Thursdays


Conway Courses

June 19th - August 12th, 2024 5:30PM - 9PM, Mondays & Wednesdays

September 9th - October 30th, 2024 1:30PM - 5PM, Mondays & Wednesdays

Two Day Refresher Course

We are now offering a 2 day refresher course for EKG!

This is only available for students that have already completed an EKG class.


*Must be at least 18 years of age and have a High School Diploma or GED.

*Must provide proof of class completion.

Tuition: $275.00 includes the book rental and/or printed materials.

Please call for class availability.

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